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Workers’ Compensation

Employers often try to minimize the severity of an on-the-job injury and filing a workers’ compensation claim on your own can be tricky. We understand the laws that are in place to protect workers, and can help you recover from an injury if your employer was at fault. 


The workers’ compensation laws have changed frequently over the last few decades, eroding the workers’ compensation benefits available to individuals hurt on-the-job. There is no obligation when you call us for a consultation, but it is important you discuss your workers’ compensation rights with a qualified lawyer immediately. At our firm, we will handle your case from start to finish. Please visit our pages for information on the following workers’ compensation topics:

Information regarding the types of indemnity benefits available to injured workers in Florida:

1. Temporary Total Disability benefits
2. Temporary Partial Disability benefits
3. Rehabilitative Temporary Total Disability benefits
4. Impairment Income Benefits

5. Permanent Total Disability benefits


Information regarding medical benefits in Florida workers’ compensation cases:

1. Mileage Reimbursement
2. Repetitive Use Injuries
3. Expert Medical Advisers
4. Independent Medical Exams
5. one-time change of treating doctor)
6. The Statute of Limitations
7. How Unemployment/Social Security impact workers’ compensation benefits.

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